TKH Launches TKH Vision Brand at Vision Show 2021 in Stuttgart

September 21, 2021, Haaksbergen, Netherlands – TKH Group is pleased to announce the launch of the TKH Vision umbrella brand. TKH Group is combining the vision technology companies Allied Vision, Chromasens, LMI Technologies, Mikrotron, NET, SVS-Vistek and Tattile with the reselling company TKH Vision Italy under a new umbrella brand. The creation of TKH Vision represents the first major step in creating a one-stop-shop for customers looking for specialized machine vision technologies including vision components and pre-integrated vision systems.

For the first time, TKH will exhibit its vision technology companies as a group in a single booth at ‘VISION’, organized from October 5 to 7, 2021 in Stuttgart, Germany. This booth will highlight both the depth and range of the solutions offered by the companies within TKH Vision. Representatives from each company will be present to demonstrate not only products, but the application knowledge and expertise that is the cornerstone of each of the TKH Vision group companies’ success.

TKH Vision aims to become the global technology leader in the machine vision industry with its differentiated state-of-the-art and integrated smart solutions. By joining forces, the vision companies will benefit from group synergies, and will be able to continue to provide industry-leading and specialized solutions for customers with an improved global footprint. Operating the companies individually will allow for entrepreneurship and agility in responding to their customer needs, and the continuation of the brands that customers trust. 

“VISION is the right setting and time to launch the TKH Vision brand and present new technology trends as well as new products to a live audience. This event will show how the companies of TKH Vision are all aligned around a common mission to create innovative machine vision solutions and build long-term partnerships with customers by being a reliable partner that provides the best technology with excellent support.”, explains Alexander van der Lof, CEO of TKH Group.

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