High resolution with global shutter

High resolution cameras are usually equipped with a rolling shutter, which is easier to manufacture but can cause problems, especially in applications with moving objects. The new industrial cameras hr49, hr51 and hr65 from SVS-Vistek offer an extremely wide range of applications with their combination of high resolution, global shutter and modern interfaces.

Gpixel sensors as an excellent basis

The Gpixel GMAX sensors used in the new HR camera models are a high-performance alternative to the already discontinued CCD and CMOS cameras. All cameras presented below have a global shutter.
As a special feature, SVS-Vistek has implemented a novel image optimization for the CMOS sensor used in the HR camera series. In the manufacturing process of CMOS sensors, there are often slightly different sensitivity gradients that have to be corrected by the camera. Stitched sensors like the hr51 sensor from Gpixel therefore require a sophisticated adjustment of the respective sensor gradients, which also takes into account different sensor-side beam paths of lenses. The novel sensor correction developed by SVS-Vistek compensates for these effects for both entocentric and telecentric lenses and also allows conventional corrections such as FPN (fixed pattern noise) or Bad Pixel. The result is images with excellent homogeneity, detail and dynamic range.

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