The TKH Vision Solution Center is dedicated to creating innovative customized turnkey vision solutions that our customers integrate into their machines or devices to improve their automation performance and inspection results. We design, develop and manufacture series products in hardware and software using technologies from the TKH Vision Group and serve our customers as a strategic partner and innovative technology supplier.

Discover our expertise and find out how our customized and integrated 2D & 3D Vision Solutions can benefit your industry

The specialized vision companies of the TKH Vision Group offer decades of expertise and unique technologies in all areas of machine vision:

Allied Vision – Industrial Area Scan Cameras for each Industry
Chromasens– Line Scan and Customizing Expert for Inspection
EURESYS – Image / Video Capture and Image Processing Software
LMI Technologies – 3D Scanning and Inspection for Automation and Production
Mikrotron – High-speed Cameras and Image Processing Components
Nerian Vision – Passive 3D Depth Detection in real time
NET– Smart Vision Solutions for Industry and Medical Applications
SVS-Vistek – Cameras with maximum resolutions and speeds

At the TKH Vision Solution Center, we are able to merge and install components, technologies and software from the entire group, combine them as required and also develop further customized hardware and software solutions using intelligent AI for applications of all kinds with the group-wide developers

There is a suitable vision solution for your requirement!
If you are faced with specific applications or challenges for which you cannot find a ready-made solution on the market, please contact your key account in our companies.

Our machine vision experts will be happy to show you the potential for your company with customized solutions for your requirements that go far beyond the possibilities of standard components.

TKH Vision Solution Center


The TKH Vision Solutions Center is based in Konstanz, Germany, serving as a dedicated location for customers to meet with TKH representatives in-person, and experience product presentations from all member companies in the TKH Vision group.

Based on our wide TKH Vision portfolio and know-how, we provide integrated, turnkey vision solutions for machine builders. We manage the complexity of machine vision for our customers and develop, in close coordination, a unique series production solution that is perfectly designed to their application requirements.

The TKH Vision Solution Center is an extensively equipped demo and experience center in which we bundle the capabilities, expertise, products and technologies of our TKH Vision members.

Together with our customers, we discuss their individual requirements and work out the best possible solution for their tasks, with the aim of developing and delivering highly optimized customer-specific products and complete solutions. 

With our in-house experts, we integrate a large variety of area scan, line scan and 3D stereo, confocal and laser sensor technologies to system solutions and support all spectra from UV to SWIR using highly sophisticated light and optic sub-systems in combination with state-of-the-art software products.

Located on the 8th floor of the Chromasens building at Max-Stromeyer-Straße 116, 78467 Konstanz, Germany


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"The TKH Vision Solution Center is a meeting place where prospective customers can come and see our 2D/3D integrated machine vision solutions in action. Here we take care of any application requirement and provide integrated, turnkey vision solutions for machine builders and integrators. We manage machine vision complexity of our customers worldwide and, in close cooperation, develop unique serial production solutions that are perfectly designed to fit the application requirements."

TKH Vision Solution Center

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