SVS-Vistek offers inexpensive lenses for Sony Pregius S sensors

For C mount cameras, like our FXO series, Sony Pregius sensors are currently the benchmark in terms of image quality. But only high-quality lenses make the combination of C-mount camera and lens what it should be: High-quality image capture as a system. In addition to our current C-mount performance camera series FXO, we also offer perfectly matching and cost-effective lenses.

SVS-Vistek’s FXO series with Sony Pregius sensors is the reference in the machine vision market in terms of quality. However, when planning the image acquisition system, the customer often realizes that the lens for high-quality image acquisition also has its price. The smart solution at SVS-Vistek is the optimal combination of the high image quality of the FXO series with attractively priced, yet high quality optics.

Especially sensors up to 25MP with diagonals up to 1.2″ are often a problem here, because most low-cost lenses are calculated for large pixels. SVS-Vistek offers universal lenses with resolutions up to 240 LP/mm, calculated for 2.74µm pixels, at very reasonable prices in combination with our C mount cameras.